Part 1 of Thailand (Video)

A little over a year ago, I was blessed with an opportunity to travel with my best friend. Not only did we walk away from stability, but we also took a risk by traveling through nine different countries in four months. Was it a crazy idea? Absolutely not! How many people have you met recently that have been willing to take a chance? How many times have you had an opportunity of a lifetime, but chose to stay within your comfort zone? Folks, life is all about trial and error and if we, as a human race, live our lives shying away from risks that have the potential to elevate us to levels we never imagined possible for ourselves then what are we doing? Selling most of our belonging and cars allowed us to travel more, but it also put us in a position of struggle when we came back to the states. Traveling teaches you a lot about life and maybe it taught us how to live without money for an extended amount of time. Living comfortably doesn’t always teach us what we need to know about ourselves and, many times, the most uncomfortable situations bring out the best of who we truly are. Be motived, be inspired, and, above all, be a person that wants to make a change within you to reach goals and dreams that seem impossible to the average mind.

“One day the times of struggle will make the best stories.” – Unknown

With that being said, please take a few minutes and check out the first part (Thailand) of our four-month adventure. Luke Marshall put a lot of time and effort into editing this 4-minute video and did an amazing job for only being his first film. Be sure to subscribe to his channel and follow him on Instagram for advice, tips, and vegan recipes.

Part one of Thailand

Kendrique Coats

Instagram: CoachCoats1
Twitter: KendriqueCoats

Luke Marshall
Instagram: Evolve.GOVEGAN


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