Chasing Pain Is Not Progress

Get your &%^&$ moving!  That’s too slow you’re not moving fast enough!!  You need more weight, if it doesn’t hurt it doesn’t count!!!  Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah, we get it!  “No Pain, No Gain,” right?   WRONG!   The fitness industry has shifted in such a way that is sometimes sickening.  We are in a continued era of making working out so intense that if people aren’t sweating their butts off or aren’t on the verge of puking then it is not considered “ WORKING OUT/ TRAINING.”   I guess I missed the memo where EVERY individual that steps foot in a gym wants to be trained to annihilation and I think that method is the farthest thing from quality since MC hammer and his shiny pants.  No? Okay, well too bad because those pants turned me into a believer…. A believer that I will never be able to pull some slick moves like that dude!

So moving on to the topic at hand, I have worked out at a handful of gyms over the years, where trying to find weights or space was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  I mean, who even likes getting bro pumps in before a Justin Bieber concert?  I tell you, it was the most annoying thing trying to find weights, but it was a good annoying.  A bunch of people in a building getting their fitness on. What could be better, besides the guy who we all have met that seems to be the “pro” at lifting and gives advice to everyone and their mom and then proceeds to load a bar with 1,000 5 pound plates to give off the elusion that he is lifting much more than what he really is.  Now, kudos to him for at least showing up, but come on BROOOOOO.  Then we have the avid gym goer that straight up kills every workout while screaming and always preaches, “ Feel the burn baby!”  “I live for the pain and if you aren’t in pain get your butt out of the game!”  Yes, do exactly that. If you’re in pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are making progress. Instead, you may be doing yourself more harm than good and that is something that took me awhile to understand.

I can remember when I took this approach to working out. Every workout was done at 100mph and leaving the gym drained was my main objective. Lifting weight at a pace even Usain Bolt couldn’t keep up with was “cool” and I wanted to be the guy that was doing all the fancy lifts in the gyms that I frequented. Looking back on it all, I was a fool and not accomplishing anything worthwhile as I went. Being a former athlete, intensity was all I knew, and I didn’t have an open enough mind to take a different approach. It wasn’t until various nagging injuries and my lack of progress, due to constant fatigue, that I changed my methodology in regard to working out. Doing so has also helped me grow within the fitness field and has given me a different element and perspective on how to train the people that I have the opportunity to work with. It took me years to understand that pain was not gain and I am glad I suffered my own injuries because I was able to learn from those experiences.

The longer I am in this industry, as well as continuing my education, the more it is becoming apparent to me that chasing pain is not beneficial. One thing remains consistent – the better the quality, the better the workout.  Now, perfection isn’t what that means; it means chasing pain should not be a priority. Yes, people will chase perfection like none other, but that may result in a mental block that keeps some from hitting a personal best. In addition, working out doesn’t have to ruin your body and it doesn’t have to leave you feeling like crap.  It’s time to think of working out in a different and more practical mindset. Because many people have a misinterpreted idea of working out, especially if they have never been in a gym before, that is exactly where I try to educate.  Training doesn’t have to be high intensity all the time and doesn’t need to put people in a position where they are intimidated or dragging their feet to even come through the gym doors.

LESS IS MORE- training to annihilation or exhaustion all the time, A- will eventually cause injuries and B- is not sustainable for life.


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