A Different Perspective On Retirement



Many people ponder the idea of retirement as something that will bring them more joy than ever before! More time for activities, personal time, and a time to enjoy things that have been forgotten. Sounds like it’s the life, right? Phyllis had all those intention as well as getting her body/muscle working like before, but she had no idea how or where to start.

Growing up moving and enjoying life has always been a goal, but it has been a struggle at the same time. The activities during childhood seemed simple, but they just weren’t the same as she entered the next chapter of her life-retirement. Phyllis Myers struggled and she needed help getting her muscles working like they use to. After having two knee replacements, being limited to certain activities she could do, and also being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, she realized it was time to do something for herself. Phyllis made the jump by calling to set up an appointment for personal training, which would ultimately change the second chapter of her life forever back in January of this year.

I could see that she was hurting physically and mentally. How she talked about retirement and life was all I needed to know. She looked like an individual that was not enjoying the oh-so-joyful retirement life. Deep down, she knew she had one of two choices: get help or slowly fade into society as many retirees do. During our initial session, she would always mention how she wanted to make the most out of this new chapter in her life as well increasing her energy levels to do more activities throughout the day. In addition, she did not want to depend on others to help her complete basic tasks around the house. Some of these are concerns that many retirees have, but the proper steps aren’t always clear.

Fast forward to now and Phyllis Myers is a complete success story! Exercise has CHANGED HER LIFE and now she wakes up every morning with a purpose. She has a new idea and purpose on how she wants to live the second chapter of life and none of those ideas involve staying in the house because of fears from falling or not being able to move. Phyllis has been such an inspiration to herself that she has inspired others around her! Words cannot explain how proud I am with the changes and sacrifices she has made from the first time she walked through the doors until now. To any retiree that has had these same frustrations on what you’re going to do after retirement, I leave you with this: It is easy to focus all of your time on others or go through life while forgetting about yourself. Being healthy and being able to move is a lifestyle that does not end after childhood, but is life long. No one wants to go outside and have fears of falling because life has slowed down into the retirement years. I encourage everyone to congratulate Phyllis and ask her how her life has changed because of this. Move grove and live life like it is supposed to be lived and that’s without fears or frustration!

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